Phi Alpha Sigma

Thomas Jefferson University

Welcome to the
Phi Alpha Sigma Medical Fraternity

We are the Delta Chapter of Thomas Jefferson University. Since 1886, men have been living at Phi Alpha Sigma and finding friendship, advice, networking opportunities, and of course, fun. Please feel free to look around our site. If you are a Jefferson student or applicant and are interested in checking out one of the best and least expensive housing options at Jeff, then please drop us a line here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Help Improve the House

To the past alumni of the house, we are newly accepting donations to keep our tradition alive through electronic donations as well as through normal methods. To make a donation using PayPal click on the donate button below.


Meet the Bothers of Phi Alpha Sigma

A place where we try to escape the trouble of medical school only to spend every single moment talking about medicine…and school.  While the brothers always are ready to work hard, there are moments when we like nothing better than to go to the basement or game rooms and relax over some fine Miller Smoothies (just kidding we are cheap and drink PBR…thanks social chair).  If we are not in the library or blowing off some steam in our beautiful house, you can find us in the gym playing basketball (we may be moving a little slower on the Saturday pick up games).  Finally, we try to use our house, and ability to gather many people, to host fundraisers for various charitable organizations.  Ultimately, we are just a group of guys trying to making it through the perils of medical school while making memories and friendships that will last a lifetime….and hopefully gaining a little knowledge as well.